Voters in Costa Mesa and Escondido Reject Proposed Charters; Voters in Grover Beach Narrowly Approve a Charter

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In the city of Costa Mesa, 59% of voters rejected the proposed charter (Measure V). It appears that two of the three pro-charter city council members retained their seats. Councilman Jim Righeimer vows to bring another charter before voters, but this time have it developed by a citizens’ commission.

In the city of Escondido, 53% of voters rejected the proposed charter (Proposition P), even though labor unions did little to oppose it. An insider with the campaign to pass the charter claims the loss was mainly related to city council elections by district (rather than at-large) and local disputes over the status of illegal immigrants.

In the city of Grover Beach, 50.2% of voters have approved the proposed charter (Measure I-12). As of this morning (November 7, 2012), the YES vote was 1718 and the NO vote was 1707 – an eleven vote difference.


  1. We cleaned your clock in your precious charter here in Costa Mesa. Can’t wait to read your spin job in the Daily Pilot about how you were “beat by fascists.”

    • Kevin Dayton says:

      Perhaps someone is trying to make “Costa Mesans for Responsible Government” look bad, but the comment allegedly comes from,, IP; ISP is “Road Runner” in Costa Mesa.

      Yes, I will be submitting a piece to the Daily Pilot, probably in December, even though people have repeatedly demanded to that newspaper that it stop publishing my writing.

  2. Ms. Crabapple says:

    That would be “beaten by fascists.”

    Mr. Anonymous, Are you trying to add a bad academic grade to your bad conduct grade for fascism?