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Lynwood Unified School District’s Bond-Funded Construction Falls to a Project Labor Agreement

At its meeting last night (February 12, 2013), the school board of the Lynwood Unified School District approved a Project Labor Agreement with the Los Angeles/Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council. A copy of the Project Labor Agreement was not included with the packet provided to the public, but a staff report indicates that contractors will need to sign it to work on projects funded by borrowed money from $93 million in bond sales authorized by Measure K, which was barely approved by 57% of voters (7719 to 5733) in November 2012.

There was apparently a web site in opposition to Measure K (hosted at www.noonmeasurek.org) titled NO ON MEASURE K VOTE NO ON NOV. 6 … HELLO: LYNWOOD RESIDENTS, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEAT MEASURE K. Perhaps those opponents suspected this school board would spend the bond proceeds unwisely.

In addition, an inaccessible-without-registration article in the Los Angeles Wave/Lynwood Press newspaper from mid-January was titled Lynwood School District Defends Actions on Measure K Contracts. Sounds like the type of place that would require contractors to sign a Project Labor Agreement with unions.

A school board member named José Luis Solache tweeted the following message last night, which linked to an announcement on his Facebook account:

José Luis Solache ‏@JL_Solache

NEWSFLASH: The Lynwood Board of Education unanimously votes to create local jobs!!! A Project Labor Agreement has…http://fb.me/224unI6g1

This created a lot of excitement from people looking for a job. Here are the responses:

  • Great EMUHSD should be approve at our next meeting
  • Let’s start with our high school students.
  • Lets start with me first
  • I want to know more about it
  • keep up th good work!!
  • How do we apply please tell
  • How and were will a person be able to apply for a job?
  • First gotta join da union! (posted a few days later – someone figured it out)

How does someone without a substantial background in the construction trades get a job to work on construction at the Lynwood Unified School District under this Project Labor Agreement? At some point in the process, you have to be accepted into a union apprenticeship program or pre-apprenticeship program, pay the union dues and fees, and then get the classroom instruction and on-the-job training through the union. (Read the Project Labor Agreement for more information, if you can obtain a copy.) Perhaps you can contact the school board about it, although they do not have their contact information on their web site. Perhaps you can contact the Los Angeles-Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council about it, but they don’t have a web site. Looks like you’ll have to use the phone book.

News Coverage:

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