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Another Tax Reform Group Backed by Unions: Don’t Be Fooled

Perhaps the description “venerable” would be appropriate for a group called the California Tax Reform Association, which has been involved for almost 40 years in various campaigns to increase income taxes on “the rich” and corporate entities. (See Coalition Seeks to Eliminate Tax Breaks for Rich, CorporationsLos Angeles Times – November 21, 1991.) In recent years, the California Tax Reform Association made a public appearance when its executive director signed a support argument for Proposition 24, an unsuccessful ballot measure in November 2010 to “close corporate loopholes.”

On January 29, 2014, the Los Angeles Times ran a column by George Skelton (Lack of Leadership a Big Obstacle in Updating Prop 13) about proposed changes to Proposition 13 that would result in higher tax assessments against commercial property owners. It cited the executive director of the California Tax Reform Association, but did not indicate the agenda or backers of this organization for readers.

George Skelton began writing for the Los Angeles Times in 1974 and the California Tax Reform Association was founded in 1976, so perhaps it was assumed that everyone knew about this group and its historical influence. One might feel a little melancholy to see how the California Tax Reform Association has not kept up with changing times: it hasn’t posted on its web site since May 2012 and it does not appear to use social media.

My article Taxpayer Group Pushing to Gut California’s Prop. 13 is Union Front Group, posted on February 4, 2013 in www.UnionWatch.org, reveals the funding sources and leadership of this organization. It’s a front for public employee unions.