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Studies About Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws on San Francisco Bay Area Cities Are Not Trustworthy

Union officials are livid about the continuing defiance of California’s charter cities. For example, the City of Palo Alto continues after 33 years to exercise its right under the California Constitution to maintain its own policy concerning government-mandated wage rates on municipal construction contracts and private projects receiving city financial assistance.

Intellectuals have recently intervened with scholarship meant to educate the unlearned in Palo Alto about the need to submit to the authority of the wise and venerable California state legislature. But don’t be fooled: just because people with higher degrees are churning out studies doesn’t mean these studies are reliable.

In April 2011, the union-oriented think tank Working Partnerships USA published an “Economic Policy Brief” entitled Economic, Fiscal and Social Impacts of Prevailing Wage in San Jose, California.

In response to that study, I had my own analysis published in August 2013:

Report Defending State-Mandated Construction Wage Rates (“Prevailing Wage”) As Beneficial to Taxpayers Not a Credible Tool For Decision Makers

In October 2012, the union-oriented academic journal Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society published an article entitled The Effect of Prevailing Wage Regulations on Contractor Bid Participation and Behavior: A Comparison of Palo Alto, California with Four Nearby Prevailing Wage Municipalities.

In response to that study, I had my own analysis published in April 2014:

University of Utah Study on Government-Mandated Construction Wage Rate (“Prevailing Wage”) Policies in Five California Cities: Not a Reliable Tool for Policymakers

I write about my analysis of the University of Utah study in an April 22, 2014 article in www.UnionWatch.orgJournal Article on Prevailing Wage Debunked, But Only Outside Academia