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Campbell’s Soup Food Processing Plant in Sacramento to Close, 700 Jobs to Other, Less “Enlightened” States

UPDATE – 5:57 p.m. on September 27, 2012: Melissa Wiese at the Sacramento Business Journal reports that the closing of the Campbell’s Soup food processing plant in Sacramento will not affect the Campbell Cogeneration Power Plant, operated by a joint powers authority consisting of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and the Modesto Irrigation District. According to Wiese, “SMUD diverts steam to the plant for Campbell. Now they won’t.” Good research and reporting!

Procter & Gamble Sacramento Campbell's Soup FacilityThe liberals who control California are already pointing out that Campbell’s Soup has been threatening to close its Sacramento food processing plant for at least 20 years, but today (September 27, 2012) it actually happened. Another manufacturing plant closes in California.

These jobs aren’t going to China. Campbell’s Soups will shift the Sacramento plant’s share of soup production to its plants in North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. More people will be fleeing California.

At 10:25 a.m., there are already 500 comments posted at the Sacramento Bee article that went up on the web at 6:45 a.m about the closure. People are angry, and the majority of them are blaming state and local government.

Campbell Soup Announces Closing of Sacramento PlantSacramento Bee – September 27, 2012

To try to help Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrat majority in the legislature spin this job loss into a positive development for California, I posted my advice in a comment:

Does anyone know if the Campbell’s Soup Cogeneration Power Plant will be affected by this plant closure? It’s a 160 MW gas-fired power plant owned by the Sacramento Power Authority, a joint powers agency of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and the Modesto Irrigation District. There is some sort of codependent relationship between the food processing plant and the power plant related to the use of steam and water.

Spin Tips for Governor Brown and the Democrat majority in the legislature:

1. If the power plant closes along with the rest of the operation, declare the plant closure to be a good thing for California, because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, brings the state closer to AB 32 guidelines, and becomes a “Global Warming Solution.”

2. Those workers were emitting a lot of greenhouse gases when they commuted to and from the plant from the suburbs – now they’ll be taking their dirty vehicle emissions to less enlightened states, apparently North Carolina, Texas, and Ohio. This helps the Sacramento Area Council of Governments to achieve its transportation goals under SB 375 (authored by Senator Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento).

3. California’s food nannies indicate that Campbell’s soups have a lot of salt in them, causing hypertension and public health problems in California. Kale is the healthy alternative.

See, those job losses aren’t so bad, people of California!