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Antics and Resolutions at the 2013 California Democratic Party Convention – More Monitoring Is Needed

My article Union Influence in the California Democratic Party’s 2013 Convention Resolutions was posted on www.UnionWatch.org on April 16, 2013. It includes a link to the actual resolutions approved by the California Democratic Party and my annotated version of the resolutions approved by the California Democratic Party, as well as my analysis of some of the union-related resolutions.

Here are some of my other thoughts about party conventions in California in 2013.

Controlling the Image: Democrats Did Good Job, Republicans Flopped

I sent this Tweet on April 13, at the end of the first day of the 2013 California Democratic Party convention:

Kevin DaytonKevin Dayton ‏@DaytonPubPolicy13 Apr

Not 1 report of inflammatory lit or remarks at California Democratic Convention. Truly they’ve evolved to a higher plane foretold in sci-fi.

Why do the California Republican Party’s semi-annual conventions constantly generate embarrassing and unflattering images to the public, while the California Democratic Party manages to minimize reports about their own oddball characters and inflammatory statements?

  • Typical answer from the Left: Republicans are old, white, backwards, and ignorant, while Democrats are diverse, progressive, educated, and enlightened.
  • Typical answer from the Right: the news media is biased against Republicans.
  • My answer: Democrats do a much better job in researching, identifying, and exposing the flaws of Republican leaders and activists than Republicans do with Democrats.

One obvious comparison is the use of social media (web sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Using Twitter: Democrats Did Good Job, Republicans Flopped

Again, from my tweets during the California Democratic Convention:

Tons of critical tweets during #CAGOP convention; ZERO during CA Dem Convention. Anyone? I just tweeted against Social Impact Bond proposal.

Kevin DaytonKevin Dayton ‏@DaytonPubPolicy13 Apr

Does it matter? Stunning contrast: substantial Twitter activity from California Democratic Convention versus minimal from #CAGOP convention.

Who will analyze? Positive & negative Tweets: 3/1-3 #CAGOP convention compared to positive & negative Tweets: 4/12-14 #cadem2013 convention.

I haven’t seen an analysis produced yet by anyone, but one person claimed 3400 tweets related to the California Democratic Party convention.

steveolsonsteveolson ‏@steveolson14 Apr

there’ve been nearly 3400 tweets on #cadem13 & #cadem2013 but only 7 vines. (2 were mine) #nerdery #p2

I’m not sure there were 100 tweets in total related to the 2013 California Republican Party convention, even including the negative and oblique perspectives. It didn’t even have a standard hashtag. (Five tweets were sent using #CAGOP2013, one with #CAGOP13.)

It appears I was the only person tweeting from a critical perspective during the California Democratic Party convention. I started after I saw that California State Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and others were tweeting positive things about Steinberg’s bizarre proposed scheme for corporations to buy “Social Impact Bonds” from educational districts (Senate Bill 594), even though at the same convention there was a resolution condemning corporate involvement in school reform.

After that, I checked every once in a while for tweeted news media reports and for tweeted announcements from Democrat leaders and activities. I counter-tweeted an opposite or skeptical viewpoint when appropriate. I was alone in doing this.

Maybe there will be an organized effort next year to use Twitter to question the tax increases, new government programs, new regulations, and other intrusions on economic and personal freedom that are promoted and celebrated at the California Democratic Convention. Letting these bad ideas circulate without a response makes these ideas credible to the public.