San Diego Union-Tribune Doesn’t Mince Words in Endorsing Proposition A for Fair and Open Competition in City of San Diego

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Proposition A in the City of San Diego – June 5, 2012 Ballot
Prohibits the City from Requiring Project Labor Agreements on City Construction Projects. Should the City of San Diego be prohibited from requiring contractors to use Project Labor Agreements for City construction projects, except where required by law, and should the Mayor be required to post online all construction contracts over $25,000?

On Sunday, May 13, the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper published an editorial in support of Proposition A, the Fair and Open Competition ordinance on the June 5, 2012 ballot in the City of San Diego. It’s titled Vote for Prop A – Don’t Let Bullies Win. The editorial board was NOT fooled by this “bullying” scheme: (1) unions worked with Governor Jerry Brown and Democrats in the legislature to pass two new laws (Senate Bill 922 and Senate Bill 829) punishing charter cities for banning Project Labor Agreements, and then (2) unions based their campaign against Proposition A on the claim it would punish San Diego because of the two new laws.

Also in the May 13 San Diego Union-Tribune, the Opinion section featured “Q&As drawn from interviews with both supporters and opponents of Proposition A, the measure on the June 5 San Diego ballot that would limit the ability of city officials to mandate the use of union-friendly project labor agreements on city construction projects.” See them here:

Yes on Prop. A: It’s Awesome – The measure will help the city avoid the costly mistake made by the San Diego Unified School District.

No on Prop. A: It’s Awful – The ballot measure will limit city options and lead to the loss of millions in state funds.

See the official ballot information for Proposition A here.

Yes on A campaign web site: Fair and Open Competition + City Contracts Online

No on A campaign web site: Stop Proposition A: Too Costly for San Diego

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