My Overview of the Long-Term Strategy of the Republican Party of San Diego County is a Featured Column in Today’s

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Today (June 19, 2012), my commentary entitled “The Untold Story: Years of Challenging, Unglamorous Work Led to Big Republican Election Night in San Diego on June 5” was a featured column posted on

Some people on the Center-Right will be encouraged by the experience of the Republican Party of San Diego County. Years of developing, implementing, and persevering in a solid strategic plan for operations and performance ultimately yielded success in elections.

As a citizen or prospective citizen of California seeking to help protect economic and personal freedom, how can YOU be part of a solid strategic plan to change how this state is governed?

I have created a first draft of a detailed circular chart that will help YOU to find and fill an appropriate, specific role in civic or political activities in California.

The chart is organized in concentric circles, with Vision at the center, Mission as the innermost ring, then Goals, Strategies, and Tactics in outer rings. You’ll be able to draw a line from the vision at the center of the chart to the tactics that match your interests and capabilities.

It will be posted on this web site in a few weeks.

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