My Article in – Know Thyself, Republican: You Could Be the Next Nathan Fletcher

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My commentary Know Thyself, Republican: You Could Be the Next Nathan Fletcher was posted today (May 7, 2013) in It’s a warning to Republican elected and appointed officials and candidates that we are all susceptible to accepting excessive government activism if we don’t develop, refine, examine, and test our principles concerning the purpose and limits of government.

The ordinary American sees government as a benevolent agent that can solve problems and make the world a better place. The ordinary American is also frustrated by the structural checks and balances of federalism and the separation of powers, the conflicts inherent in a multiparty legislature, and the obstacles to social progress established by the Bill of Rights.

They want solutions, now! Pragmatism over principles!

Unchecked, that belief will first lead to what seems to be a visionary social democracy, but then it will lead to tyranny.

As a general rule, Republicans seem to be more inclined to recognize the flawed nature of humanity and be leery of how those human flaws could be reflected in a government of the people. But some politicians who identify themselves as Republicans never seem to think about such fundamental issues, and they are the ones who sail whichever way the wind is blowing, good or bad, to solve the latest problem that grabs the attention of the people.

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