Latest News on Proposition A Campaign in the City of San Diego: Fair and Open Competition/Project Labor Agreement Prohibition

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Should the City of San Diego be prohibited from requiring contractors to use Project Labor Agreements for City construction projects, except where required by law, and should the Mayor be required to post online all construction contracts over $25,000?

Debate Over Prop A: Should City Ban Project Labor Agreements? – KPBS – May 7, 2012

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U-T POLL: BAN ON LABOR PACTS FALLING SHORT: Support for Prop. A just over one-third in survey of city voters – San Diego Union-Tribune – May 8, 2012

Proposition A, which would prohibit project-labor agreements, has 36 percent support from registered voters, with 31 percent opposed and 33 percent undecided…Among hard-core voters — those who voted in the previous five elections — 39 percent are in favor, 30 percent opposed and 30 percent undecided. That dropped to 35 percent, 29 percent and 36 percent, respectively, for those voting in the past three or four elections.


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