How Has the No on Proposition A Campaign in the City of San Diego Shelled Out Its Money? An Analysis.

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How has “Taxpayers to Preserve Community Jobs, No on Measure A, sponsored by labor and management organizations” distributed its significant campaign resources to try to defeat Proposition A, the Fair and Open Competition measure on the June 5, 2012 ballot in the City of San Diego?

An analysis of the Recipient Committee Campaign Statement (Form 460) for this campaign covering March 18 through May 19 indicates the campaign’s spending patterns for $549,560.98 in expenses.

  • 50% of the money ($272,757.97) was spent on physical production and distribution of direct mail.
  • 11% of the money ($61,331.75) was spent on actual payments for radio advertising.
  • 3% of the money ($16,921.17) was spent on actual payments for web advertising.
  • 13% of the money ($56,419.10) was spent on polling and market research.
  • 13% of the money ($68,866.07) was spent on political consulting.
  • 13% of the money ($73,264.92) was spent on fees for professional services (radio ad placement, mailer design and coordination, legal counsel and accounting, office expenses, etc.) 

In other words, 64% of campaign resources was spent on actual voter outreach. The other 36% was spent on firms that make a living giving advice and helping campaigns.

Direct Mail – $272,757.97 + fee of $56,337.53

$329,095.50 Paid to JPM&M, a direct mail firm in Sacramento that works for numerous Democrat politicians and causes, as well as labor unions.
$160,845.78 United States Postal Service (Sacramento)
$104,258.68 InSource Print and Design (Sacramento)
$7,653.51 Political Data (Sacramento)
$272,757.97 Printing, Labeling, Postage (Total Cost of Mailer Production)
$56,337.53 Remainder with JPM&M (20.65% of mailer production)

Radio Advertising – $61,331.75 + fee of $4668.25


Paid to Sadler Strategic Media in Los Angeles


KFMB 100.7 Adult Hits


KYXY 96.5 FM Adult Contemporary


XEHRM 92.5 FM Rhythmic Oldies (Tijuana station)


KSON 97.3 FM Country


KGB 101.5 FM Classic Rock


KIFM 98.1 FM Smooth Adult Contemporary


XHPRS 105.7 FM Oldies (Tijuana station)


XEPRS 1090 AM Sports (Tijuana station)


Total Spent on Radio Advertising on Eight Stations


Remainder with Sadler Strategic Media (7.6% of radio buys)

Web and Social Media Advertising (placed through Grassroots Lab) – $16,921.17


Paid to Facebook


Paid to Google

Polling and Market Research – $56,419.10


Paid to David Binder Research, a San Francisco firm that does market research for a variety of industries, including labor unions.


Paid to Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) – with a California office in Santa Monica, this is a polling and market research firm for numerous Democrat politicians and causes across the country. (Amount includes unpaid bill of $15,000.)

Political Consulting – $68,866.07


After subtracting web advertising costs (see above), this amount remains with Grassroots Lab, a public affairs and web communications firm in Sacramento. Note that the report indicates payments of $7,500 for web and $32,500 for consulting, so payments are ambiguously classified in the report.


Paid to Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher, a consulting firm in Sacramento specializing in ballot measures. (Includes unpaid bill of $787.24.)


J.S. Peace & Associates – Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher subcontracted to this El Cajon consulting firm run by former State Senator Steve Peace.


Remainder for Townsend Raimundo Besler & Usher

Legal – $8,827.76


Paid to Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP in Sacramento

Office Space and Miscellaneous Fees – $3,431.38


Paid to McClatchy Insurance Agency, Inc. in Sacramento


Other Fees

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