Carpenters Union Gives Someone Trouble in Sacramento

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Here are representatives of the Carpenters Union (probably from Local No. 46, based in Sacramento) on April 25, 2012 with a banner in front of a large complex of government-leased buildings on Power Inn Road in Sacramento. As you can see, their banner claims that the Sacramento-based developer and property management firm Separovich/Domich is doing something bad. Apparently it hired a contractor that does not employ unionized workers. The bannering protester on the right is wearing a Carpenters Union jacket on this muggy, rainy day.

One comment

  1. Lance Dacus says:

    As a member of the IBEW, International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 969 Grand Junction, CO, I disagree with your interpretation of what the sign says cause it’s blocked by the guy in front of it. I would say it’s safe to bet by the statement you made that you’re anti union regardless of what the sign says. Yes, we would like to see the union contractors get the work but unless there are some unfair labor practices going on the unions won’t be there protesting about nothing. I’m guessing the sign has something do do with the hiring of illegal immigrants which is done heavily in CA because they will work for nothing and no benefits. Next time before you stick your foot in your mouth, maybe take a walk across the street and find out what’s REALLY going on. I’m sure the guy manning the banner won’t bite and would be glad to share what’s going on with you. Thanks.