California Construction Compliance Group to Host Statewide Briefing: Association Will Unveil New Charter Cities Report

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As the author of Are Charter Cities Taking Advantage of State-Mandated Construction Wage Rate (“Prevailing Wage”) Exemptions?, I’ll be participating in this press conference tomorrow, Friday, September 14, 2012.

California Construction Compliance Group to Host Statewide Briefing
Association Will Unveil New Charter Cities Report

Press Release: California Construction Compliance Group

September 13, 2012

SACRAMENTO, California

The California Construction Compliance Group (CCCG) will host a statewide briefing this Friday, September 14 to unveil their third edition of the Charter Cities Report. It is the only report that describes the status of prevailing wage exemptions on locally-funded projects.

Many charter cities are not taking advantage of local control and their ability to achieve cost savings, the most recent examples include the bankrupt cities of Stockton and San Bernardino. More than ever, budget challenges are compromising the ability of the state and its local governments to maintain their workforce, fulfill pension obligations for their retirees, and provide adequate services to their citizens and other residents.

How can charter cities balance their budgets without raising taxes on residents and businesses and without cutting city services and operations? One way is to enact policies that allow wage rates for city construction contracts to more accurately reflect economic conditions in the local market region.

To learn which cities are taking advantage of their local control, download the Charter Cities Report from the CCCG website, or call-in to Friday’s Report briefing.

WHEN:Friday, September 14 at 11:00 a.m. 
PARTICIPANTS:  John Loudon, Executive Director, California Construction Compliance Group  
  Kevin Dayton, President & CEO, Labor Issues Solutions, LLC  
  Jerry Kern, Oceanside City Councilmember 
CALL-IN NUMBER:  888-455-2263 

for California Construction Compliance Group
Julie Hooper, 916-448-5802

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