Another Survey Says California Worst Place to Operate a Business

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As I prepare to pay my $800 minimum franchise tax to the State of California for the privilege of operating Labor Issues Solutions, LLC, today’s Orange County Register reports that another survey ranks California among the worst states to do business. Here is an excerpt from “Small Firms Give California an ‘F’ Grade“:

Owners of small service businesses give California an F grade for business friendliness, according to an online survey by, a website for service companies.

It is the second survey in a week that gives the Golden State black marks by business owners. Chief Executive magazine recently released its annual survey of Best and Worst States for business, which ranked California 50th for the eighth straight year. That survey’s respondents would tend to be a different group than those polled by

I can already predict the response from the state’s controlling factions:

It seems that business owners and corporate executives are deceived by lies and propaganda from the California Chamber of Commerce and its ilk, along with the rhetoric of the unpopular and irrelevant California Republican Party. California is a wonderful place to do business and we do a lot to help businesses. We have great weather, beautiful environment, and the enlightened firms of Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry. The states that ranked high on those phony surveys are full of ignorant, uneducated people who cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them. Also, who cares what the corporate CEOs and business owners think? They comprise the 1%. They are the problem, not the solution. We want the Creative Class in our state, not capitalist exploiters of labor who pollute the environment.


  1. Ken K says:

    The weather is nice here, but right now that is about it. Because they are not easy to own in California you can’t even cling to your gun; hopefully other rights don’t erode more here too.

  2. Kevin D. Korenthal says:

    I always listened intently and nodded my head when the businesses we worked with regaled me with stories of the difficulties and hurdles to starting and growing a business in California. But for all my agreement with them at the time, I was not prepared for what I would face when I opened my own business here. And I am not even dealing with employee issues yet.

    • Ken K says:

      I’ve subscribed to eh CalChamber’s Laborer Law Digest for 20 years. Many moons ago it was no more than a .25 inch book. Today it is over 2 inches think and growing, all to keep up with labor and employment issues. That book is only general labor law too not even addressing prevailing wage requirements!